Eilat Sports Complex Privacy Policy and Website Regulations 

Welcome to the Eilat Sports Complex website (hereinafter: ‘Site’) of the Eilat Economic Company Ltd. (hereinafter: ‘EEC’ or ‘Company’). The contents herein employ masculine pronouns and terms for convenience purposes only and are intended to refer to all genders.


The Company retains ownership of the Site and, either directly or through its authorized representatives, provides access to the Site under the terms and conditions specified herein.

The terms and general rules for Site usage, along with the privacy policy and the "Cookies" policy (hereinafter: Terms of Use), constitute the basis for any use of the Site in any of its configurations, including as an app, via any computing or other device (including a mobile phone, tablet, PDA, etc.). These Terms of Use exclusively regulate the legal relations between the Company and every individual who visits, views and/or utilizes the Site and/or the information contained therein and/or any component and/or function of the Site, whether directly or indirectly (hereinafter: ‘User/s’).

Utilization of the Site, encompassing browsing, surfing, or engaging in any activity therein, constitutes the User's explicit acknowledgement and agreement to the Terms of Use. Each Site User affirms and acknowledges having reviewed and agreed to the Site's regulations and asserts they possess the requisite legal authority or have obtained necessary permissions or approvals to use the Site.

Chapter headings are provided solely for the User's convenience and orientation and shall not be used in the interpretation of the Terms of Use.

It is incumbent upon the User to regularly review and stay informed of any updates to the Terms of Use, as these may be periodically amended, at the Company's sole discretion, without any obligation to provide prior notice and/or announcement. The User and/or their representative shall not have any claim and/or demand and/or cause of action against the Company, the Site, or their respective representatives concerning such amendments.

The Site contains, inter alia, information regarding the Company and its projects, and displays images, advertisements, and diverse content. The Site is offered to the public As Is. While the Company strives to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the content displayed on the Site, it acknowledges that the information may be partial, and/or contain unintentional inaccuracies and/or technical errors, and/or other errors. The Company disclaims all responsibility and shall bear any liability arising from such inaccuracies, outdated information, errors, or omissions concerning the information on the Site. Consequently, the User shall not have any grounds for claims in this context.

The images, scripts, diagrams, designs, and simulations presented on the Site serve solely for illustrative purposes, and there may exist variances, whether partial or complete, between the representations on the Site and their actual counterparts. The Company does not guarantee the realization of such representations as they appear on the Site. In the event of any inconsistency and/or contradiction between the information presented on the Site and the existing data in the Company's official documents, the latter—specifically the information maintained at the Company's offices and within its official records, including contractual documents—shall take precedence.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue the operation of the Site, either in whole or in part, at any time based on its sole discretion, without any obligation to provide advance notice of such cessation of activity.

The Company retains the authority to restrict or prohibit a User's access to the Site, either temporarily or permanently, at its exclusive discretion. Such action may be taken in the event that the Company, also at its sole discretion, determines that the User has acted or attempted to act in violation of any law and/or the Terms of Use, and/or in a manner that is or could be detrimental to the Company or the Site in any respect. The Company's records, inclusive of electronic records, pertaining to activities conducted on the Site and details input by the User, shall be deemed definitive proof of the accuracy of such actions. The Company holds the exclusive right to modify the list of contents and/or services available on the Site, as well as to alter the Site's structure, appearance, design, the scope and availability of its contents and/or services, and any other aspect related to the Site, all without the obligation to inform Users. Users shall have no basis for claims and/or demands and/or the right to take legal action against the Company for implementing such changes or for any malfunctions which may occur during their implementation. The Company hereby reserves the right to assign its rights under these Terms of Use to any third party at its discretion, without any obligation for the Company to announce or publish such a transfer of rights on the Site.

The content uploaded and published on the Site may also be displayed across other media platforms, including inter alia, a cellular site and/or television and/or any other means.

The Terms of Use of the Site as stipulated herein, and any legal matter which may arise due to use and/or activity on the Site, including issues concerning the validity and interpretation of the Terms of Use, shall be subject exclusively to Israeli law.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights pertaining to the Site and its content, regardless of type or nature (including both registered and unregistered rights), such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, design patents, trade secrets, as well as the presentation and design of the Site, its databases (inclusive of project descriptions, designs, illustrations, photographs, images, simulations, maps, audio and video clips, text, graphics, etc.), the Site's computer code, its domain, and any other aspect related to the Site and its operation, are the exclusive property of the Company. The utilization of all such rights is strictly reserved for the Company. In cases where intellectual property rights associated with projects featured on the Site are held by advertisers and/or third parties who have granted the Company permission to publish such information and/or rights, these shall remain the exclusive property of the said advertisers and/or third parties concerned. Unauthorized use of such rights (hereinafter: ‘Information’) without the Company's prior written consent is prohibited. Copying, duplicating, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, displaying, executing, licensing, creating derivative works, selling, marketing, or translating any part of the Information contained on the Site, (including trademarks, images, texts, and computer code), without explicit prior written consent from the Company is strictly forbidden. 

Any commercial or other utilization of the Information or data published on the Site, including its database, products, product images, and product listings shown on it, as well as any other details published on the Site, is strictly prohibited without the explicit prior written consent of the Company. Engaging in activities that may potentially infringe upon the Company's intellectual property rights in any manner is expressly forbidden. Any utilization of data and/or Information published on the Site, with the intent to display it on another website or service, is strictly prohibited without obtaining the express prior written consent of the Company. Such use must adhere to the terms specified in the granted consent, where applicable. Furthermore, the collection of data from the Site through the use of Crawlers, Robots, or similar automated methods, with the intention to distribute this data in a commercial or business context, is strictly prohibited. The Site shall not be presented within a frame, whether explicitly visible or hidden. Internal page linking, also known as "deep linking," is strictly prohibited, except for linking to the homepage.  The presentation of the Site within a design or graphical interface that differs from the design created by the Company is prohibited unless prior express written consent from the Company has been obtained.

User Commitment

The use of the Site and the User's activities on it constitute the User's agreement to all terms and conditions stated in the Terms of Use, and the User is committed to act or refrain from acting as follows:

1. The User hereby agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use.

2. The User is expressly committed to refrain from uploading, transmitting, retrieving, distributing, or publishing any Information or material that contains viruses or other software capable of causing damage to the Company's computer systems and/or the systems of its representatives, or that may impede, harm, or obstruct others from using the Site.

3. The User is bound by the obligation not to upload, retrieve, transmit, distribute, or publish any Information or material that is prohibited for publication or use. This includes content that constitutes threats, harm, offense, defamation, racism, pornography, or any other vulgar expressions.

4. The User is hereby committed to refrain from uploading, retrieving, transmitting, distributing, or publishing any Information or material that may infringe the property rights of others, including, inter alia, intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or any other proprietary rights.

5. The User undertakes not to engage in any commercial use of the Information obtained from the Site.

6. The User hereby acknowledges the inherent limitations of information security on the Internet and releases the Company from any liability related to this matter. This includes the Company's non-liability for the disclosure of User-provided details due to unauthorized access to the Site's computing systems.

7. The User shall not use the Site in a manner that contradicts any applicable law or agreement nor engage in falsification, alteration, or deletion of Information.

8. The User hereby agrees to indemnify and compensate the Company for any direct or indirect damages and/or expenses incurred by the Company as a result of any claims, demands, or damages arising from a breach of these Terms of Use and/or the use of the Site.

9. The User hereby acknowledges that, without prejudice to any other rights of the Company, in the event of suspicion that the User's use of the Site does not comply with these Terms of Use or any applicable law, the Company is entitled to monitor the User's usage, in accordance with all relevant laws. The Company reserves the exclusive right to terminate the User's access to the Site immediately, without detracting from any other right of the Company.

10. The Company retains the sole discretion to deny access to the Site, or any part thereof, to any User without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

The Site operator, EEC, is committed to safeguarding your privacy and to maintaining the privacy policy detailed herein (hereinafter: ‘Privacy Policy’). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to elucidate the operational framework concerning User privacy on the Site and to delineate the manner in which the Site utilizes information either provided by you or acquired during your utilization of the Site.

Information Submission and On-Site Storage 

During browsing and use of the Site, various User-related Information is collected, stored, and processed. Some of this Information is directly provided and may allow for the personal identification of the person to whom it refers, including, inert alia, full names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and personal details. This category of information pertains to individual data (hereinafter: ‘Personal Information’).

The Personal Information processed on the Site is utilized to provide the Site's services and enable a seamless and comprehensive User experience that caters to the User's requirements. Please be aware that providing inaccurate or incomplete details may impede the User's ability to access the services offered on the Site, or certain aspects thereof, as well as hinder communication with the Company, thereby affecting the Company's ability to provide services to the User.  The information entered into the Site by the User, whether directly or on their behalf, including Personal Information, remains the exclusive property and responsibility of the User. The Operator is committed to using the Personal Information entered on the Site solely for Site-related purposes and in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Privacy Policy. However, the Operator reserves the right to gather data regarding usage patterns on the Site and the Internet, utilizing such information to enhance the Site's services, functionality, and content, all while abiding by the principles outlined in the Privacy Policy and applicable laws. Additionally, certain Information about you and your activities on the Site may be collected indirectly. Such Information may include statistical and aggregate data, such as the pages you have visited on the Site, frequency of use, interest in advertisements displayed on the Site, and technical issues encountered. Such Information is non-personal and is retained and processed by the Company as part of its data for research, development, monitoring, and improvement of the Site in a general context. Users should be aware that any actions they undertake through the Site are always visible to the Company, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Data Collection Policy.

The Site employs recognized, and appropriate security measures aimed at preserving and safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of the Information contained on the Site. However, akin to any other system, it is important to acknowledge that the Site cannot provide an absolute and unequivocal guarantee of its security. Consequently, we do not warrant that the services offered by the Site will be entirely impervious to unauthorized access and/or intrusion.

The Company devotes resources and implements diverse security measures designed to forestall any unauthorized access to the Company's computer systems and/or the Site's Information database, thereby mitigating potential threats to the privacy of the Site's Users. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, it is beyond the Company’s capability to ensure that Company computers and/or the Site's Information database are entirely invulnerable to unauthorized intrusions and illicit information use. Consequently, by accepting this agreement, you explicitly waive any claims, demands, or legal actions against the Operator and/or its representatives arising from such unauthorized intrusions and/or Information disclosure, and/or utilization resulting from such unauthorized intrusions, whether pursuant to this agreement and/or applicable law.

We strongly recommend that Users exercise all possible precautions to safeguard their Information while actively engaged on the internet. For instance, we advise regular password changes, the use of alphanumeric combinations for password creation, and ensuring the utilization of a secure browser.

Should the User's details and/or Information entered into the Site by them and/or on their behalf necessitate unique and/or distinct security and confidentiality requirements that differ from market standards, it is the User’s responsibility to ascertain the Site's compatibility with their specific needs. In such cases, the Operator bears no liability for any consequences arising from the User's utilization of the Site.

The Site may include hyperlinks directing Users to other websites. While the Company endeavors to link to websites that, to the best of its knowledge, do not compromise the privacy of Users on other platforms, we hereby disclaim responsibility for the terms of use, and/or privacy protection policies, and/or content, and/or any matters stemming from or related to the use of such external websites. The User's use of such links and/or other websites is entirely at their discretion and remains their sole responsibility.


The Site employs "Cookies" and other and similar technological means for the effective and consistent management of its operations, as well as for the enhancement of the services it offers (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Cookies"). Certain Cookies are essential for the correct and secure functioning of the Site. Without their integration into your browser, the Site may not operate as intended. Another category of Cookies is employed to gather statistical and other data regarding your utilization of the Site. This data is instrumental in enhancing the Site's performance, customizing it to your preferences, and retaining your login credentials to spare you the need to enter them each time you access the Site.

We also utilize Cookies that interact with or convey information to third-party systems. This serves both analytical and statistical purposes, aiding us in comprehending User behavior on the Site. Moreover, it assists in recognizing your individual preferences, allowing for tailored browsing experiences and advertisements on the Site. Should you prefer not to receive Cookies, you have the option to prevent their utilization by modifying your browser settings to block Cookie embedding. Furthermore, you retain the ability to delete your browser history at any time, a process that includes the removal of embedded Cookies. It is essential to note, however, that such actions may potentially impact your overall experience while using the Site.

Email, Newsletter, Telephone Messages, and Marketing Offers

As part of your engagement with the Site, you may periodically receive emails or phone messages, such as notifications related to your interactions on the Site or updates and alterations concerning the Site's operations. Furthermore, you may receive newsletters, professional data links, Site-related updates, Information regarding the operator, announcements of sporting events, and more. 

Additionally, the Company may occasionally dispatch emails containing Information pertaining to Company services, those of our business partners, and other marketing and advertising content that may align with your interests. We seek your explicit consent for such communications at the point of providing Personal Information. Please be aware that you maintain the right to request the cessation of email and marketing messages at any time, utilizing the methods outlined within these communications.

Transfer of Information Abroad 

As a rule, the Company conducts its operations within the borders of Israel. Any transfer of information to foreign jurisdictions will be executed in compliance with the relevant legal provisions, notably the Privacy Protection Regulations (Transfer of Data to Databases Abroad), 5761-2001. Within this context, the Company may employ a range of cloud services, including storage facilities hosted on servers located outside of Israel (e.g., AWS), to support the functionality of the Site.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

The operator of the Site, EEC, is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of User Information and will not disclose it, in whole or in part, to third parties, except in the following circumstances:

1. In any event in which you purchase and/or request registration for a service on the Site that is provided by or in collaboration with third parties (including combined services, as defined herein). In such cases, the essential registration details required for providing the service will be shared with the third-party service provider.

2. In the event of a legal dispute between you and the Company that necessitates the disclosure of your information.

3. In the event that you engage in actions on the Site that are in violation of the law, and the Company deems it necessary to access the Information to safeguard its legal interests.

4. Upon receipt of a valid court order or in compliance with any other legal obligation.

5. In the event that the Company believes that such disclosure of Information is essential to prevent severe harm to you, your property, or to a third party or their property.

6. In the event of a sale and/or transfer of the Site, or any portion thereof, to a third party, including via merger, it is a prerequisite that the acquiring party commits to adhere to this Privacy Policy.

7. In cases where you submit a written request for the disclosure of your Information to a third party, and such request is approved by the Company's legal counsel, such disclosure shall be permitted.

Furthermore, as part of its ongoing operations, the Company may engage external systems and service providers for various purposes, including development, billing, management, statistical analysis, Site performance enhancement, and more. In all such instances, we ensure the utilization of systems with robust security measures and data privacy protocols. Only essential information required for the specified tasks will be shared with the external provider, contingent upon their commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of the information as mandated.

Examination, Amendment, and Deletion of Data

As a general practice, all data stored by Users on the Site shall be retained indefinitely in compliance with legal requirements and User preferences.

In accordance with the Privacy Protection Law 5741-1981, every individual retains the right to access Information stored in a database and pertaining to them. This right extends to you as well. In the event that you review the Information retained about you and discover inaccuracies, incompleteness, obscurity, or outdated content, you have the entitlement to request corrections or deletions. Moreover, in cases where the Information pertains exclusively to direct mailing services to you (as defined by law), you may request the removal of your contact details from our database. In such instances, the Company will delete the Information used for sending you Information or commercial offers, while retaining other data about you on the Site and in the database as mandated by law. Requests concerning such Information can be directed to shirly@eec.co.il, and we will promptly respond. In the event that your request is declined, you have the option to appeal to the Small Claims Court as specified by law and request compliance with your request.

Privacy Policy Updates and Modifications

The Company hereby reserves the right to periodically revise and update its Privacy Policy, and you are encouraged to stay informed about these changes by referring to the Privacy Policy page on the website.

Absence of Liability

The use of the Site is solely the responsibility of the User. The User hereby explicitly declares and acknowledges that the Company and/or any party acting on its behalf shall not be held liable and shall not assume any direct, indirect, consequential, special, or pecuniary damages (hereinafter: ‘Damages’) incurred by the User and/or any third party, as a result of the use of the Site, including any use that is not in compliance with the Terms of Use, irrespective of the cause thereof.

Without detracting from the generality of the foregoing, the Company shall not be held responsible for Damages resulting from the actions, negligence, or omissions of the User and/or any third party, and the Company shall not be liable for any damage, including inter alia, Damages resulting from viruses, software glitches, or other software applications, to the User's computer equipment or any other property arising from accessing, browsing, or use of the Site, including any interruptions in service for any reason. The Company shall not be liable for any disruptions or malfunctions on the Internet, telecommunications lines, or any other communication networks.

The Company shall not be liable for the content published in links provided on the website that lead to other websites. The Company does not warrant that any such links will lead to active Internet sites and shall not be responsible for the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Protection policies of such external websites or their content. Relying on such Information shall be at the sole discretion of the User.

The Company shall not be held liable for any unlawful activities that occur, to the extent they occur, by any Users of the Site and/or by any parties beyond its control.