Disability Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Arrangements

Eilat Sports Complex is committed to making every effort and investing significant resources to provide all its customers with equal, respectful, accessible, and professional services. In accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5758-1998, and regulations enacted thereunder, significant efforts and resources are being invested to implement the necessary disability accessibility adaptations. These adaptations ensure that a person with disabilities can independently and equitably receive the services available to all customers.

Website Accessibility Information

As of December 17, 2023, we at Eilat Sports Complex are constantly striving to provide the widest possible audience with disability-accessible content, regardless of the technology used to build the site. We diligently endeavour to continually update and integrate disability accessibility guidelines, striving to adhere strictly to the principles outlined in the W.C.A.G 2 standard.

In accordance with the W.C.A.G 2 standard, this site meets the level 2 (AA) criteria for disability accessibility. Optimized for compatibility with major web browsers, our website's accessibility features are implemented by UA USER ACCESSIBILITY, ensuring support for the foremost assistive technologies utilized in this sector. 

Our site features a comprehensive disability accessibility menu, presenting various user-friendly options. For detailed guidance on utilizing these features, Users can press F1 on their keyboard, triggering the display of the plugin's instructions. Despite our efforts, there may be instances where disability-accessible information provision is hindered, particularly in sections of the website yet to be adapted for disability accessibility. We are committed to ongoing monitoring and resolution of these instances, ensuring the deployment of suitable technological solutions. Additionally, we provide information in disability-accessible formats tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers upon request.

The information herein is provided at no cost, specifically designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, aiming to meet their particular requirements as effectively as possible.

For questions or information regarding accessibility for persons with disabilities, please reach out to our designated disability accessibility coordinator, whose contact details are listed below. In our ongoing effort to enhance site disability accessibility, we are committed to ensuring that all individuals, including those with disabilities, can navigate our site with ease. Should you experience any disability accessibility challenges, we encourage you to inform us. Contact details for our disability accessibility coordinator can be found later in this statement. We are dedicated to promptly identifying an appropriate solution and addressing your concerns at the earliest opportunity.

To ensure the most effective resolution of any issue, we strongly advise furnishing comprehensive details:

Detailed Issue Description: What specific action were you attempting to perform?

Identify the specific page you navigated to.

Specify the browser type and its version.

Browser type and version, operating system, and type of assistive technology used (if applicable).

Facility Disability Accessibility

  • Wide Passages
  • Access from Parking to Central Points
  • Signage and Directions
  • Disability Accessible Parking
  • Disability Accessible Changing Room
  • Queue Exemption Certificate Acknowledgement
  • Permitted Entrance for Service Animals
  • Disability Accessible Website 


Contact Details:

Address: 30 Durban, Eilat

Business Name: Eilat International Sports Complex 

Telephone- Landline: +972-8-6315353 Extension 100

Disability Accessibility Coordinator Details:

Disability Accessibility Coordinator's Name: Mrs. Ayelet Markman

Email: ayelet@eec.co.il