Eilat International
Sport Complex
International Standard Football Pitch
An International Standard Football Stadium, Changing Rooms & Game Management Rooms
Advanced Sports Medical Facility & Spectator Grandstand
Coming Soon
A Multipurpose Sports Arena
Coming Soon
A Multipurpose Sports Arena
Coming Soon
Olympic Pool Complex
Coming Soon
Combined Tennis & Padel Courts Complex + Cycling Track
Coming Soon
שקופית קודמת
שקופית הבאה

Spectator Grandstand

491 Seats

Advanced Sports Medical Facility

Coming Soon

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The Future Is Already Here

Anticipate the excitement as we prepare to launch a multipurpose arena, boasting seating for 5,000 spectators. The final phase will unfold with the introduction of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, state-of-the-art tennis and padel courts, and multi-purpose fields for various sports activities. A professional running track will soon join these elite facilities, setting new standards in athletic infrastructure

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To check if the lots are available, you can see it here on the lot activity log site

It is mandatory to coordinate and register for the Football Pitch, you can contact us using the contact form or by phone: 08-9577477


Two morning training sessions and two evening training sessions can be performed on the court.

Our address is 30 Durban Street, next to the salt factories on the hotel bypass road. You can see the contact page on the map.

Maximum group size is 25 players.

The minimum time for renting a lot is 90 minutes.

  • Any professional body/association only (the field will not be rented for birthdays/neighborhood games).
  • Getting on the court requires the presence of a qualified coach.

There is parking around the sports center complex.
Parking at this stage is free.

There are changing rooms.

At this stage, there are changing rooms in temporary buildings including showers and toilets.

High standard dressing rooms in the second phase of construction.